Beauty Product Photography for eCommerce Site

Beauty Product Photography for eCommerce Site

According to Ipsos, people nowadays are likely to elaborate skincare routines, shop more online and demand a more inclusive definition of beauty. As we can see, beauty products is on rapid growth and valued at $532 Billion, U.S as the largest market share, by 20%. Followed by Japan (13%) and China (8%). And this number will continue growing in the next few years.

There are a lot of customer categories when we talk about beauty products. There are customers that only loyal to their favorite brands. Customers that on a journey, exploration of beauty products, searching for the perfect product for themselves, and they will try a lot of beauty products. Either buying online or directly go to the store. And the customers who only buying beauty products while they having a personal hands-on experience with the brand. They wouldn’t like to buying product online.

As we have seen the customer categories above, there are a lot of strategies that beauty product can use. The point is, how to meet them in offline stores, and online stores and how to take product photos. According to Forbes, half the growth in beauty is online, but that implies that half the growth is in stores. Let’s say for beauty product seller or a brand needs to attract the customers both, between online and offline stores.

Mostly, beauty product is using reflective materials for their packaging. Either it was using glass materials, having a chrome color, or using a reusable plastic that aligns with trends nowadays. The problem is, you need to make sure that your product photo is perfect to be displayed on ecommerce business site. We mean, you have to correct all the light-reflective on your product photo when you do the post-production process.

We can see a perfect and stunning product as presented on image above. But we think there is a problem, light-reflective that seen on the bottle cap. You can read our article about how to reduce light reflection images photography

And here is the example that Dropicts have done, reducing light reflecting on the beauty product.

It looks more professional and shows a true beauty from the product. What do you think?

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Selling stuff online is not as easy as it looks. But you must be sure when you’re selling products online and using a perfect photo and described product details it will help you to increase sales.

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