Creating a Consistent Product Image for eCommerce Retailer

Creating a Consistent Product Image for eCommerce Retailer

Selling your stuff online on a big e-commerce site like /  It means you have to use proper product photos to represent who you are and what you offer.  A clean white background, focus on the object, consistency and color accuracy is really important when we talk about product photography.

We often get lots of the same product photos with different colors.  Sometimes we see a different angle, and the most annoying thing is, when your lighting setup hit the wrong spot on your product, it can show there is no consistency on your product photo.

You can create consistency when you want to shoot it all the way, but we think it will take a lot of time.  You need to arrange it perfectly for all your products –  take 1, take 2, take 3 until you get the precision photo.  What do you think about capturing only one product, and multiply it infinitely on post production process?

By using image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, you can change your product photo color with another.  It will help you to create consistency in your product photo and time efficiency.  The point is, you have your product photo perfectly shot first, then the rest will proceed on post-production.  You can replace your product photo color, adjust the color, removing any blemishes, etc.  And it all needs patience to do it.

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As we can see above, you can replace any color into your product photo.  Why have you taken a long time for capturing all of your products, if you can work it on  process?  No worries, if you don’t have any time for retouching all of your product photos, just give it to Dropicts as a professional image or photo retouching services.  We will treat your photo with our best services, Color Replacement and proceed it by 1-2 business days*.  Then you are ready for making sales again.

Color Replacement process:

Color Replacement editing type will change the color/texture/part of the product according to your request into the color reference that you give.

  1. Crop your photo into a specific dimension that fit-well on your e-commerce site.  So you will get a perfect photo, and your site won’t run slowly.  Don’t forget to be detailed on the photo dimension and final file size.
  2. Removing any blemishes and background, so you will have a perfect and clean white background product photo.
  3. Replacing color with reference.

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We are very happy be able to help you enhance your product image for your e-commerce site. We would like to see your e-commerce store looks beautiful and professional. For more product image optimization be sure to follow us and stay tuned to our latest article.