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Fruit Photography Ideas: Deliver Freshness From the Fruit Through Images

We think that fruit photography is a genre of food photography. As we tell you on our Food Photography: Challenging yet Fun! articles, the treatment for fruit photography isn’t too much different from food photography. It has to combine delicacy […]

Best Benefits of Outsourcing Relationship Management

Best Benefits of Outsourcing Relationship Management

When you engage with an outsourcing company such as Dropicts – an outsource image editing or post production company, it begins from business negotiations leading up to contract signing. We’ve worked together in many long-term business relationships with our clients […]

5 Guide to Awesome DIY Product Photography Table

DIY Product Photography Table

This might sound shallow, but looks matter. At least when it comes to an eCommerce business that is! 2 things that immediately steal a visitor or user’s attention is the overall look of the website design and product photography. Imagine […]

How Shadow Image Make Image Become Attractive

How Shadow Image Make Image Become Attractive

Surely you agree if an unshadowed image looks boring, flat, and lifeless. Choosing how to use shadows properly is the key, also consider the light of your image if it has too much contrast. We have a few tips for […]

Tricks to Make Your Images Become Realistic and Dramatic

Sometimes after you finish your photoshoot session you think that your image isn’t as good as you want. Such as electronics, that’s why image editing is necessary, with editing you can manipulate, crop, combine, or even remove the background. Background […]

Important of Choosing Right Fashion Model Photoshoot

Choosing the Right Model for Your Photoshoot

Fashion photography is about the strong representation of clothing or accessories that the photo is meant to sell, if you have a model in your photograph, then it’s really important to focus on pose, clothing, style, or individual aspect. Using […]

Removing Wrinkles on Image Editing Software

Simple Step for Removing Wrinkles on Image Editing Software

Naturally, wrinkles are signs of aging. It will show on your skin and face. The cause of the appearance of wrinkles is sun exposure, aging, repeated facial expression, and smoking. To reduce the appearance of wrinkles, you can do something […]

Editing Jewelry Product Photos with Perfectly

Editing Jewelry Product Photo with Perfectly

When we are talking about creating a jewelry product photos, like ring or necklaces, it isn’t an easy thing. We have to shoot it perfectly, then enhance it on image editing process. If you got a bad stock photo of […]