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Best Benefits of Outsourcing Relationship Management

Best Benefits of Outsourcing Relationship Management

When you engage with an outsourcing company such as Dropicts – an outsource image editing or post production company, it begins from business negotiations leading up to contract signing. We’ve worked together in many long-term business relationships with our clients […]

5 Guide to Awesome DIY Product Photography Table

DIY Product Photography Table

This might sound shallow, but looks matter. At least when it comes to an eCommerce business that is! 2 things that immediately steal a visitor or user’s attention is the overall look of the website design and product photography. Imagine […]

Tricks to Make Your Images Become Realistic and Dramatic

Sometimes after you finish your photoshoot session you think that your image isn’t as good as you want. Such as electronics, that’s why image editing is necessary, with editing you can manipulate, crop, combine, or even remove the background. Background […]

Future Trends of eCommerce 2021 Customer Services: Chatbot

The Future of eCommerce Customer Services: Chatbot

As we mentioned before on Improving Customer Service for eCommerce Business article’s, actively asking for feedback are really important for an e-commerce site. And now, let’s discuss about future trends of eCommerce 2021, chatbot! Someone who can be ‘best friend’ […]

2019 Resolution for e-Commerce Business

2019 Resolution for e-Commerce Business

How is your 2018? Is that great? Or maybe turn out bad? Don’t worry, because another year is another struggle for eCommerce businesses. Now, 2019 is the perfect time to adjust your mindset, changing your old habits and plan for […]