How To Capture Mouth-Watering Food Photograph

Have you ever seen the picture of food on Instagram and suddenly crave for that food? Or did you ever buy food impulsively just because you see a food blogger uploads a post?
If your answer is yes, the welcome to our topic this time. And yeah, food industry is one of the biggest industry in this world. Everyone needs food, everyone loves food and food could be the best cure for every illness, also a heart breaking.

That’s why, there are so many competition in food industry. They are competiting with concept, price and taste. But, for them who sells food online. They use Instagram, Facebook or even Webstore to give their customer offers. What do they sell? Yes, pictures. And it’s not easy to take some tempting food photos. We need technique, some artistic skill for platting and decoration, or dealing with lighting. Difficult enough, even so hard for beginner.

But don’t worry, we’re still here. As your best picture editor, we also want you to pass the first stage. Yes, this blog will lead you to take a good and tempting picture. At least… for yourself. Here are the tips that Dropicts has been captured for you.

1. Find The Window!

This instruction is really working. Why? Because window is the best lighting for your food photograph. Natural sun lighting will make your food look naturally fresh. But, be careful with the time. Capturing with sun light in the afternoon is a bad idea. It will make your plate look so yellow. Set the time on 8-10 AM or 3-5 PM.


2. Put some bae(s).

You need to style your food well before snapping. Put a basic table cover, use a white plain plate or bowl and make sure your fork or spoon are clean enough. The dirty view makes your food no longer fresh and delicious. Don’t be afraid about giving your plate a sprinkle of garnish, or maybe some other things to decorating your food.


3. Be friend with oil and water

Yes, we know that too oily makes your food looks ‘unhealty’. But, some of the food photographer use oil to make the food more shiny and on point, this tip is available for capturing some foods, such us pasta, bread or maybe baked food. But, if you want to capture some fresh salad, fruit or another veggie picture, put them on some water can make them look even more fresh. That’s what we call the power of shine.

4. Don’t take too long

The truth is food doesn’t keep it’s appetizing looks for long, so as a photographer please be well prepared and able to shoot quickly after it’s been cooked. Yes, before it melts, collapses or changes color. For beginning, make the concept first, prepare it before the food is ready. And when it’s ready, snap!


Are you ready to start your food business? Capture your food now, upload it on your Instagram and don’t forget to tag us @dropicts to let us know about your first shoot! Good luck!

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