The Beginner’s Guide For Camera Shots and Angles in Photography

camera angles in photography

Photography is the art to capture an object into a two-dimension image. Even though it sounds simple, the process to produce the best result in photography involves many elements. Angles and direction are two of them. The camera angles even decide whether the photo you took will be able to create the message that you want to send through that image.

In this article, we have already collected several essential tips that you can use on your photography project. The goal is to know how to use angles in photography, so you can create the best photo. Let’s start!

The Importance of Angles in Photography

Angles hold an essential role in creating various vibes and atmospheres of the photo. The composition of the shot and the position of the objects, maybe you can create a message for the viewer. Then, add the correct angle when you take it, you can create a more realistic and meaningful photo. It happens a lot in many awards-winning masterpieces of a professional photographer.

By learning the angle and shots here, you move one step closer to being able to create a masterpiece like those professional photographers. With a bit of creativity and intuition, you might be graduating from your beginner photographer status after this.

The Shot Angles in Photography

Here, we have several angles that many professional photographers used on their projects. You can try them and apply them to your project, which, guaranteed, will improve your photo quality.

A. Low Angle

As its name implies, you shot the object from below. This angle will create a bigger effect on the photographic object. If you want to emphasize the greatness or size of your photography object, you can use this angle.

B. High Angle

It is the opposite of the Low Angle shot. You take the picture from a position higher than the object. This angle will make the object look smaller. Thus, it creates a vulnerable, fragile, or weak vibe. It is a perfect choice if you want to emphasize the sadness or the gloomy vibe of the object.

C. Wide, Medium, Close Up, and Extreme Close Up Shot

We put these four types of shots into one category because it is practically the same. You only need to change the distance on where you take the picture of the object. Each of them has a different purpose. Here is the explanation:

  • Wide Shot/Long Shot – The shot also takes the background and the environment surrounding the object. You use it to tell the viewer the location of the shot. Moreover, you also can use it to make your object stand out among many objects and colors in the background.
  • Medium Shot – This shot is the best choice to capture the activity that is involved in the object. So, it is a good shot for human or animal objects. The Medium Shot captures part of the photograph’s object that requires attention. Many beginners use this shot for almost all their photos. After this, you should understand that this is not the only shot you can use.
  • Close Up Shot – You take the picture from a very close distance. This shot has the function of showing the detail of the object.
  • Extreme Close-Up Shot – As for this one, it is similar to the Close Up shot, but with a much closer distance. You might need to use a Macro lens for this. The purpose is also the same. However, this shot shows even more detail about the object.

D. Bug’s Eye View

Imagine yourself as a bug, crawling around the ground where the photography object is placed. Yes, we also can call this shot the Extreme Low Angle. You may have to lie down on the floor to capture the object to create this view. But why this angle?

Bug’s Eye View is an uncommon angle that humans rarely experience. Therefore, this shot creates a unique image that piques the interest of anyone who sees it. Many photographers even express it as the angle that makes you find the new world. With this unique, you can create various shots and photos.

E. Bird’s Eye View

After you become a bug, now try to imagine yourself as a bird, flying in the sky. What does the Earth look like from there? It is small, indeed. This view is also what you get when you use this angle on your photography project. You can create a unique view that shows the object from an unusual angle.

Bird’s Eye view also is considered one of the challenging angles to produce in photography. You need different types of equipment to get the correct view, which is above your object. A ladder is the standard equipment you can use. Depending on the location, you might need to use a wired system to hang yourself and your camera to capture the object from Bird’s Eye angle.

One of the best things about this angle is how you can put the story in your photo. Your object looks like it is merging with the environment. By adjusting the object position and the color of the environment, you can send a message to the viewer. Therefore, many environmental photographers use this angle. It is easier to show the story or display the condition of the environment this way.


You should keep practicing using all of those angles. It will hone your senses and intuition to find the best way to capture the object in an image. That is the skill you need to create the best photo as a professional photographer.

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