25 Tips To How to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

25 Tips To How to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Whether you have on online or offline sales, the rule is still the same : you want to boost sales at all times. The good news for online sellers is, instead of waiting on customers, there are things you can do to boost ecommerce sales and gain more potential buyers.

Conversion Rate Optimization

By changing or tweaking certain aspects from your website, there is a probability that you can increase your ecommerce sale even if the traffic remains the same. This is called Conversion Rate Optimization, which is something you can work on in order to sell more.

What are just the things that you can do? Here are 25 effective tips to how to boost your ecommerce sales or online sales:

1. A specialized page for every product. Instead of cramming all your products into 1 page, separate each of it to flaunt its best features.

2. Create an unique product description for each of your product. Instead of just copying from the manufacturer, put your little version of description to give your product a solid background.

3. A user review section helps to boost online sale because each review is unique and help give insight to prospective buyer.

4. Avoid complicated cart system. The flow between adding an item to the cart and completing payment or going back to shop more should be flawless and easy. The more difficult the process, the more probably people just leave the cart without checking out.

5. Get proactive. Ask for customer’s feedback around 2 or 3 weeks after their purchase to see if they are happy with the item or the overall shopping experience. Encourage them to leave a user review ( see no 3).

6. A little bonus to your customers is a big help in making them coming back for more, such as a 10% discount for best user review or shopping voucher for customer feedback program.

online gift vouchers

7. Use online sales analytics tool such as Crazy Egg, Maxprog, Zoho and etc to evaluate your consumer habits.

8. Be creative with your product display, such as 360 degree product view or product video – these will help more online sales as people can get more connected to the visual of the product.

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9. Product is out of stock? Don’t leave your customer hanging! Encourage them to leave details such as email address, so that you can notify them once the product is available.

10. Nobody likes a slow website. Ditch heavy process such as flash or interactive banners that are not working in our favor. The faster your website loads, the higher the chance people will get to shopping immediately. Aim for 3 seconds of page loading and use Google Analytics to monitor your site speed.

11. Keep an eye on the search system of your website. Customers often utilize the search column and you may get the idea of their demand. If you are yet to carry a certain product that they often look for, it’s time to monitor and get with the trend.

12. A blog section is a great idea to talk about your products, new promotions and offers, as well as a place for customer interactions and SEO booster.

13. It is important to present a trustworthy payment page. Check and recheck your final payment page from the customer’s perspective : “Does this look secure?” Or “Does it look trustworthy and reliable?”

14. If you can afford it, offer a money back guarantee or a refund policy.

15. Keep your contact information clear and easy to access. Customers like to know who they are buying from, so make sure your address and contact number is available for calls.

16. Can’t handle your own website yet? There are a lot of online sale platforms that are worth to check out such as Shopify, Line Shopping, Facebook Shop and plenty others that already has a lot of existing customer database.

17. Check your other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, or Twitter page. Your customers are around these platforms and it’s always a good idea to engage with them.

Check your other social media platforms

18. Test your product page. See if there is a difference a design or particular color makes, for example : half of your product page uses different theme compared to the other half. See if the customers are affected by these subtle designs.

19. Your abandoned cart is your biggest lesson. If there is a certain product that is always left behind by customers, perhaps you can do a little push to get it going, for example : price reduction or putting it on a sale.

20. Use different advertising tools and create multiple adverts to reach out to customers, for example Google Adwords, Adroll, Yahoo etc.

21. Speaking of advertising, research has shown that Facebook advertising is one of the most effective platforms to boost online sales. However, it usually stops at brand awareness and rarely pushes customer to make a purchase. The key is to make sure your target market hits the demographic and include an image as a part of your advert.

22. Your “ buy now” button should be visible and placed in a prominent place of the page.

Boost Ecommerce Sales

23. There is nothing as too much information for your product page. If you have manual, warranty, tech specs, additional information or related products, be sure to keep them posted in the page.

24. However, you don’t want that all that information clutters up your product page. Make sure that your product image is not distracted by all the extra description and information.

25. Last but not least, your post production matters. Check to see if you have presented your products in the best way. Image editing goes a long way to enhance product presentation and is one of the easiest ways to push online sales.

Boost Ecommerce Sales

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Boost Ecommerce Sales


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