Captivating Backgrounds For Stunning Jewelry Photography

Captivating Backgrounds For Stunning Jewelry Photography

Merely showcasing the features of a jewelry product is no longer sufficient to convince potential customers today. However, the use of backgrounds in jewelry photography can have a profound impact on generating interest and converting it into sales. Explore the various types of backgrounds available and learn how to utilize them effectively in this article!

Role of Proper Backgrounds for Jewelry Photography

Selling products like jewelry can be challenging. The visual aspect plays a crucial role in shaping how your audience or potential buyers perceive your brand’s products. Here, we will explore the two significant advantages you can gain when using backgrounds in jewelry photography.

1. Provide Context for the Audience

In general, captivating pictures are essential to capture the attention of potential buyers and successfully sell a product. This principle holds true for jewelry as well, which serves as adornment for both women and men, catering to different tastes and objectives.

To provide a comprehensive view of how the product appears when worn, it is crucial to present it within a suitable context. A well-chosen background that complements the main product helps create the necessary connection and relatability with your audience.

2. A Scene for the Star

The background not only sets the mood for the photographic image you create but also has a significant impact on your audience. When you place the jewelry product against a suitable background, it can enhance the overall scene and make the product stand out as the star of the show.

This visual attraction is precisely what you need to captivate your audience and prompt them to take action as potential buyers.

7 Simple Backgrounds for Jewelry Photography You Can Try

There are numerous background options you can explore to create the desired jewelry product photo and drive more sales. Check this out!

1. Solid Pure White Color

Think a white background is boring? Think again! In fact, this color can effectively accentuate the intricate details of jewelry ornaments and other profiles. A solid, pure white background also provides flexibility for retouchers or editors to make necessary modifications to the file.

It allows them to easily retouch the lighting, adjust contrast, seamlessly crop the image, or provide background removal services as required. Moreover, the white background naturally highlights the features of the jewelry.

2. Classic Gray

When you’re unsure whether to choose a dark or bright-colored background, gray serves as a suitable alternative. With various tones available, gray exudes a classic vibe that works well for product photos.

3. Colored Background

If you want to make a lasting impression on your audience, let the colored background convey emotions, mood, and feelings. You can align the background color with the dominant color of the jewelry to create a cohesive photo theme. Alternatively, using a contrasting color can create a striking highlight, allowing the background to complement the jewelry.

4. Sparkling Shiny Bokeh Effect

Jewelry is often captured as shimmering products. Therefore, employing photography techniques and tools to achieve the bokeh effect is a great approach.

5. Blurry, Gradient Background

Give the blurry background a try! This approach provides a background that can effectively conceal any clutter or distractions, allowing the product to take center stage. Gradation can set the tone and mood, while also adding depth to the image without overshadowing the product.

6. Pattern and Textured Background

Graphite, leaves, flowers, grass, stones, sand, clothes, and acrylic boards are just a few examples of patterned and textured backgrounds. Utilizing patterns and textures as the background can allow you to achieve the desired effect according to your preferences.

7. Mannequin

This style is easier for you to prepare, and it has a lot more potential uses. Including ghost-mannequin services can create splendid product photography for e-commerce platforms.

Are the Backgrounds for Jewelry Photography Necessary?

It can be said that an enticing jewelry product plays a significant role in establishing a connection with your audience and customers. Moreover, it has a direct impact on the sales and conversion rate of jewelry products.

Hence, it is evident that the background is a crucial element in creating representative jewelry photos. It is essential to consider how you can enhance the quality or modify the background in alignment with your business objectives.

Utilizing professional photo editing and retouching services, such as those offered by Dropicts, can save you time and effort in creating exceptional jewelry photos. Discover our comprehensive range of services here!


  • How do I choose a good background for a photo?

While there are no set rules for choosing a good background for a photo, considering the following factors can save you time and effort. For example, if you want to capture a jewelry product, the first step is to conduct a basic profile of the product’s characteristics, such as color, ornamentation, and materials.

Next, make a note of elements that can provide contrast to the product without overpowering it. Proceed to plan the setting, whether it be a landscape or portrait setup, and consider the desired mood tone.

Additionally, consider how you can utilize lighting in the background to create the desired effect. And don’t forget to take into account the negative space surrounding the object or subject of the photo.

  • What is the best background for a jewelry photo?

Since jewelry often features ornaments, opting for a clean background with minimal distractions is a better choice. A simple, non-reflective background surface can significantly enhance the result of your product photo, allowing the necessary details of the product to be displayed and ensuring the product becomes the focal point of attention.

  • What colors are the best backgrounds for jewelry photography?

If the jewelry object has intricate ornaments with colors other than white, a plain and solid white background is the best choice. On the other hand, jewelry products that incorporate fewer elements and are dominated by white, darker or brighter colored backgrounds can be used. In either case, this type of background provides better contrast, allowing the product to stand out in the picture.

  • What color compliments gold the most?

The shades of blue, green, and purple are popular accent colors, along with various shades of gold. These colors won’t overpower the gold, but instead provide an elegant contrast in terms of appearance and mood.

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