Are You a Social Media Wise User? Find out here!

Are You a Social Media Wise User? Find out here!

There are more than 2.5 billion people in this world that having new-but-not-that-new habit. Yes, they’re now being close friend with a new platform that we call ‘Social Media’. Social media is basically a computer-based technology that give their user to have experiences of sharing, searching, connecting and also collaborating. Now you can access it in a form of mobile app.

With so many varieties they offer, Social Media is one of the greatest tools for everyone to transform their expression, also the opportunities for brands to promoting their service and product. But, before we go to advance level of social media using, we better start with the basic one. Let us start with a deep-simple question. Did you already use your social media wisely?

Then, the next question is…. “Really? Are you sure?”. If you start re-thinking about it, you can continue reading this article. And let us prove is it wise enough for you to use social media. Let’s see to the list!

Tips to Become a Social Media Wise User

Private Border to Society

Well, this point is on the top of priority. There are a bunch of criminal case that caused by social media activities. Giving too much information on your social media platform will open the chance for bad people to start their plan. Stop share too much personal data, tagging location too detail or any specific information that can make you in danger. Be wise with your social media.

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Don’t Waste You Bio/Profile

This point reverses to maximizing the features you have. Tell them your creative description of yourself. Create an unique one for all of your social media platforms. Tell them what kind of person they will meet. Tell them how amazing you for them to know. But, again, be careful. Don’t share it too detail. We will always come back to the first point.

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Be the Part of Some Movement

Using social media for doing movement opens up the scope of people that can be involved. Movement on social media brought awareness to issues both political and social and ability to raise awareness to important causes. And the way is sooooo easy. No more doing some demonstration that causing bad possibility. Try to open your new tab to get know for some kind of movement that suitable for your believe and start inspiring! Be part of something for greater good and well being of others. Social media is a perfect tool to build some interactions.

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Stay Away From Social Media (sometimes)

To much social media use is also bad. But when is the time to stay away? At the happiest and the saddest or most angry moment. Why? Because our mind will impulsively order our body to act. One of the easiest act is using our social media. The happiest have tendency to show off more and much. And the saddest or most angry have tendency to spread hatred, bad words and depressing post. There is always a side effects of what you post on your social media for the others, many individuals were insulted, many people cried and buried their heart that killed by the craziest haters, it can also affect your relationships. So, stay away for a moment will help you and other to survive this era.

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So, are you one on these list? Congratulation if you’re not and it’s okay for you are. You still have lot of time to improve. Good luck with your social media, Wise Buddy! And If you want your photos to be more attractive on social media, Dropicts as a professional photo editing services is ready to help.

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