4 Ways to Get Your Instagram Feed More Shoppable

Since we know that your brand is one of the 375 million active users in Instagram, this kind of thing that we will share here should be interesting for you. As we know that Instagram is one of the social media platform with visual-based content, having an aesthetic feed is more than a pride, it’s also a marketing. The function is same as the store, it’s helping you to display your product, but will you stay in a basic-dirty-messy store for spending shopping time? We don’t think so. So, gorgeous feed equals to gorgeous store to make your customer stay longer and boost their mood for shopping.

But, is it hard to manage our feed to stay beautiful? The answer is… yes. Indeed. There are many thing you need to think of. There are many ways you need to run to. But, here’s Dropicts compile 4 ways to make your Instagram feed way more aesthetic. Let’s get to the list!

Choose Your Mood Board and Color Pallete

A mood board is an easy and creative method of putting visual details together into a beautiful and cohesive vision. Taken from the interior design and fashion worlds, it’s a perfect place to experiment with color schemes. In social media, it’s also helping you to guide you to choose what kind of picture you have to take, what kind of design you need to make, etc. It contains with collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. It also helps you to control the color and make sure your feed consistent in visual aspect.

Use the Same and Consistent Filter for Editing

After choosing your mood board and color pallete, something that can help you to curating your Instagram feed is getting consistent approach to editing your photos. It doesn’t mean you just have to choose one filter only, but limiting yourself to a few to help you stick to your chosen aesthetic. Start seeing another aesthetic account to choose the ambience of photograph, try to edit it with some apps like VSCO, snapseed, etc. Start experimenting now!

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Keep Highlighting Your Product

Since we understand that this kind of thing is proposed to increase your product’s customer comfort, you still need to make your product look stunning also. Control your photo editing, don’t let the color of product change. Keep things simple and exercising restraint with filters and editing. Once again, mind your product way more than the feed. It sounds harder, right? No need to worry, leave the rest of product image editing to Dropicts!

Keep Exercise with Your Style

Becoming an Instagram feed with ‘theme’ is defining a certain photography and editing style that can really help us to create a strong aesthetic. No matter the style is, such as ‘feminine’, or ‘colourful and bold’, or even ‘dark and moody’. Try photo shooting in similar lighting each time, so that your photos have a similar amount of brightness and shadow. Keep experimenting with other editing and composision. Shoot from clean to messy look. Until you find your own style, until you get your own personal strong aesthetic theme. Keep exercise, keep exercise!

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So, there are 4 tips you can do to make your Instagram feed way more shoppable and aesthetic. Good luck trying and send our love to your customer!

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