2019 Resolution for e-Commerce Business #2

How was your January? Is something turn good out there? Or maybe you still confused about your goals for this year? We’re here to help you finding the best way to make your eCommerce businesses sped up in this year!
In the #1 articles we already shared, we are talking about images quality and site layouting that can lead customer satisfaction. But, if your images quality is stunning, and your site is really easily navigate, are you really sure that your sales would increasing? Or maybe people know why they have to come back to you? Here are simple tips for you for this months.

1. Discover New Reasons to Have Sales

These are two motivating factors in person for doing anything in their life: to avoid pain, or the need to gaining pleasure. From your side, your goal is to find the pleasure customer wish to gain or the pain they wish to avoid. Then, show them how your product or services can solve the problems.

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You need to keep in touch with your customer, as simple as, give them an open end questions. An open end questions begin with what, why, where, when, who and how. By this, you are able to know what they think, what they want or maybe how they feel about your product or services. Hopefully, an open ended questions will help you to make your product or services more relevant with your customer. Therefore, you can creating a new strategy for the next step and making your product or services one step closer to your customer.

2. Create Reasons for People to Come Back

You can’t just making a new product, or promoting the same product for a whole time to make your customer come back to you. Indeed, you have to focus on the long term for your customer. It’s all about building a relationship between you and your customer. Give them a reason why they need to stay with you.

Simply, when you promoting your product or services, at the same time you can be a trendsetter for your customer. For example, you can provide information about what’s up next, or maybe make some quiz to attract their interest. Hopefully, it will keep your brand fresh in their minds, and help you increasing sales.

We as a professional image or photo retouching services always open our door for you. It’s our pleasure to accompany you to reach your goals.

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We wish you good luck and a greater results in this year.

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